Poultry Science Association




The Poultry Science Association Foundation, Inc. (the Foundation), is a charitable corporation affiliated with the Poultry Science Association (PSA or Association). The primary purpose of the Foundation is to advance the founding principles of the PSA by securing private financial support for specific components and activities of the PSA. The Foundation is authorized to receive, manage, invest and distribute assets acquired by the Foundation for the purposes stipulated by the donors.

The specific goals and objectives for the Foundation will require development as part of an overall business plan. However, the general goals of the Foundation are to 1) develop financial support for unique educational opportunities for students, both undergraduate and graduate, such as scholarships and fellowships, 2) develop financial support for enhancing targeted faculty initiatives specifically benefitting the industry and the PSA, 3) develop financial support for special needs activities of the PSA, such as symposia and conferences, 4) provide financial support for lectureships in addressing specific concerns/issues of importance to the global community, and 5) other specific needs as identified by the governing body or the donors.