Guido Comasini
and Bill Plant

I always remember with a lot of pleasure the spring of 1996 because it has been really intense, spontaneous and full of emotions. It was then that I met Bill, the Man of the Pekin.

It was impossible not to have respect and esteem for a man that devoted half of his life to the love for the Chickens. It is very uncommon a such keenness that comes from the heart, and not everybody is able to understand. Itís depending from the point of view you are looking at the world, everything is depending... 

When Bill passed away, part of his keenness for animals emigrated in me. In fact it is during that period that I begun to develop a passion at first for the chickens (Pekin, Rosecomb, Appenzeller spitzhauben, Dwarf modern English game), then arrived the passion of my life, together with flowers and plants: geese, ducks, swans .

Bill was a very calm person, serene and very well-mannered. I have been able to do a trip with him and with Dr Elio Corti through the European beauties. He was a person with whom it was possible to speak about everything, but for me the English language was the only flaw. What a pity!. I would have been able to learn a lot, also on waterfowls.

If the Italian breeders were devoted with half the interest emitted by Bill, the Italian aviculture would find a place of all respect towards the more developed Countries in avicultural field, like Germany, Holland, UK, USA, Australia. But, alas, it is not so.

The few persons - and I know one of them - that could help the whole system, they cannot do it, not for lack of will, but because it is difficult to have some recognitions, and with time, considering that the man lives also of gratifications, the trust is lost and everything goes to the dogs.

It is a true pity. Now, after 4 years, a lot of things in my life have changed, but the special persons like Bill remain always close to us with our memories and hopes.