On the balcony, an Emperor crowned
Is sitting like on the throne.
Everyday, at cock-crow daybreak,
Our home hears his edict:
"Stop to luxuriate in the bed!
Why are you barely getting up?
Where’s my breakfast? Where’s my lunch?
Oh, there’s no keeping you in check!
I cook apricots by myself
And give tea with jam to you.
And there are only dirt piles from you.
You don’t clean my spurs.
None of you, pullets,
Combs my wattles!
But to cackle all days with friends
Is not idleness for you!
Henceforth, do know
You can’t spend your time in vain.
Who will break my edict,
Whom I‘ll peck square into the eye!"

Moscow 23.08.1998

Translated from Russian by Nick & Michael Romanov

Author unknown