Gilbertus Anglicus

One of the largest sources of pharmaceutical and medical information from the middle ages is the Compendium of Medicine (circa 1250) by Gilbertus Anglicus - Gilbert the Englishman - (ca. 1180-1250), the medieval English physician. Translated in the early 15th century from Latin to Middle English the text consists of medicinal recipes with guides to diagnosis, medicinal preparation and prognosis. The text names over 400 ingredients. Treatments are presented roughly from head to tail, beginning with headache and ending with hemorrhoids.

Compendium medicine Gilberti Anglici tam morborum universalium quam particularium nondum medicis sed chirurgicis utilissimum, Lugduni, Mercuriali, 1510.

Essendo il frontespizio una chiazza nera illeggibile
si riporta la fine del trattato di Gilbert the Englishman