Hippalektryøn - Ippogallo

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The Hippalektryon was a beast with the foreparts of a horse and the tail, wings and hind-legs of a rooster. The Hippalektryon appears only in early Athenian black-figure vase painting. It is likely that this beast was an early representation of the winged horse Pegasos, and its rider is the youthful hero Bellerophon.

Pace – 1175

A damned lieutenant with three plumes and military cloak of crimson, very livid indeed; he calls it the real Sardian purple, but if he ever has to fight in this cloak he'll dye it another colour, the real Kyzicene yellow, he the first to run away, shaking his plumes like a buff Hippalektryon.

Uccelli – 800

Is it not the most priceless gift of all, to be winged? Look at Diitrephes! His wings were only wicker-work ones, and yet he got himself chosen Phylarkhos and then Hipparkhos; from being nobody, he has risen to be famous; he's now the finest gilded Hippalektryon of his tribe.

Rane – 929

Euripides: 'Twas all Skamandros, moated camps, and Grypaietoi (Griffin-Eagles) flashing in burnished copper on the shields, ...
Dionysos: Aye, by the Powers, and full many a sleepless night have spent in anxious thought, because I'd find the tawny Hippalektryon (Cock-Horse) out, what sort of bird it was!
Aiskhylos: It was a sign, you stupid dolt, engraved the ships upon ...
Euripides: No Hippalektryon (Cock-Horse) in my plays, by Zeus, no Tragelaphos (Goat-Stag) there you'll see.

Hero riding Hippalektryon
Athenian Black Figure Siana Kylix C6th BC
Cambridge, Harvard University Art Museums 1954.142

Hero riding Hippalektryon
Athenian Black Figure Kylix C6th BC
University of Mississippi Museum 1977.3.241

Hero riding Hippalektryon
Athenian Bilingual Kylix C6th BC
Tampa Museum of Art 86.49

Hero riding Hippalektryon
Athenian Black Figure Neck Amphora C6th BC
Paris, Musée du Louvre F100