Deinon or Dinon (Δείνων, Δίνων), father of Cleitarchus, the historian of Alexander's expedition. He wrote a history of Persia, to which C. Nepos (Con. 5) refers as the most trustworthy authority on the subject. He had, however, a large fund of credulity, if we may trust Pliny (H. N. x. 49.) He is quoted also in the following passages: Plut. Alex. 36, Artax. 1, 6, 9, 10,13, 19, 22, Them. 27; Athen. ii. p. 67, b., iv. p. 146, c., xi. p. 503, f, xiii. pp. 556, b., 560, f., 609, a., xiv. pp. 633, d., 652, b.; Cic. de Div. i. 23 ; Ael. H. A. xvii. 10, V. H. vii. i.; Diog. Laert. i. 8, ix. 50, in which two passages we also find the erroneous reading Δίων.

Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology
William Smith, Boston, 1867