Eumelo - Eumelus - Eumelos

In greco Eúmëlos, che ha belle o numerose greggi. Era di Tebe in Beozia e il periodo in cui visse è incerto: forse intorno al 300 dC. La fonte principale dei sui scritti è rappresentata da Columella. Per maggiori dettagli vedi Ippiatri.

Eumèle de Thèbes – Hippiatre qui vivait probablement vers le IV siècle de notre ère. Il avait écrit un traité vétérinaire dont on retrouve quelques fragments (31 articles) dans l'Hippiatrique. Apsyrte et Hiéroclès le citent avec le titre d'hippiatrós.

Eumelus is probably the earliest of the hippiatric authors in the compilation, but can only be dated in relation to Apsyrtus, who made use of his work. Eumelus' treatise appears to be the earliest text in Greek to have been devoted solely to the veterinary treatment of horses and cows, however, it does not represent an innovation, but rather an offshoot from the tradition of agricultural manuals in Greek and Latin. Striking instances of word-for-word correspondence with Columella, Pelagonius, and Anatolius illustrate Eumelus' dependence upon the agricultural tradition, and imply that he copied his source or sources without much alteration. Through Apsyrtus, Eumelus' advice reappears in the treatises of Theomnestus and Hierocles, as well as in the Latin Mulomedicina Chironis. Hierocles, following Apsyrtus, mentions Eumelus by name; but no other authors do so.