Introduction to Summa Gallicana

Why Summa Gallicana?


The Author

William John Plant

Loyl Stromberg

Cathryn Robocker

Irina Moiseyeva

Sergey Petrov

Annett GŁntherodt

Eduardo Tarcisio Cani

Mikhail Romanov

George Carter

Veronica Mayhew

Elly Vogelaar

Annie Banning Vogelpoel

Guido Comasini

Edmund Hoffmann

Galheault has been the book and who wrote it

The rooster who kills the snake

Gallus morio or Gallus morion?

Matreshka eggs

Russian poem

Yurlov Crower

Aldrovandi and the egg

The Basilisk - by Thomas Browne

Peru - Turkey - Kalakutas - Kalkoen

Dorking, Houdan and Faverolles by Edward Brown

Eggs and old notebooks, or an help from computer?